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Front Door NY is a one-stop shop for listing properties and identifying appropriate housing for people experiencing homelessness in the Greater Rochester area. As an initiative of Coordinated Entry, a CCSI program, and Partners Ending Homelessness, Front Door NY combines the power of a single, comprehensive, easy-to-use housing database with the assurance of service-provider support for landlords and new tenants.

Landlords and property managers can list properties available for rent. Emergency shelters, Permanent Supportive Housing, and Rapid Re-Housing program staff can search available listings. Prospective tenants do not have direct access to listing information and must work through a participating housing service provider.

Front Door NY is exclusively for the use of housing providers within the homeless service system and landlords offering rentals to individuals and families exiting homelessness. It is specifically designed to streamline the housing search and identification process to help households transitioning from homelessness into appropriate permanent housing.

For Landlords

Front Door NY offers landlords and apartment managers a quick and easy way to fill open rental units with qualified, supported tenants. When you list a property on Front Door NY, approximately 25 service providers who are actively looking for housing options for their clients will have direct and exclusive access to your listings. Front Door NY makes it easy to list a property: simply log in and click on “Add Property” on the Home page. Front Door NY staff will approve and upload your listing. Once a property is listed, our staff reach out weekly to confirm the continued availability of the unit and to identify any new units that can be posted.

To list an available property, simply log in and click on “Add Property” on the Home page, and Front Door NY staff will approve your listing. Properties cannot have open health and safety violations, fall within Fair Market Rent. Additionally, and have a Certificate of Occupancy. Additionally, properties need to be free of lead paint if they are available for families with children. Once a property is listed, our staff reach out weekly to confirm the continued availability of the unit and to identify any new units that can be posted.

Only approved housing providers who meet Front Door NY criteria for service and support can see property listings.

Prospective tenants must be able to pay rent, either from their own income or through a subsidy from a permanent housing program. Tenants also must be willing to sign a lease and adhere to the expectations of that lease.

In some cases, tenants and landlords are supported by a case manager from a permanent housing service provider (Permanent Supportive Housing or Rapid Re-Housing) who serves as a liaison and is available to assist with any issues that develop. However, some tenants will not be connected to a permanent housing provider and will not be supported by a case manager. In these instances, landlords would follow the same protocols they use for handling challenges with any other tenant.

For Service Providers

Landlords who are willing to rent properties to households exiting homelessness list available units on Front Door NY.

Listed units must meet requirements to ensure a safe tenancy. Specifically, they cannot have any open health and safety violations and must fall within Fair Market Rent. In addition, landlords must attest that the property has a current Certificate of Occupancy and has passed a lead test if it is available for families with children.

Service providers can search the website for properties that contain pre-determined attributes (e.g., number of bedrooms, near a bus line, utilities included, etc.) in order to identify units that meet the needs of prospective tenants.