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Landlord Incentive Program

Landlord Incentives 2024
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Landlords and property managers who choose to list available rental properties on Front Door NY and rent to tenants through the site who are participating in Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) or Rapid Re-Housing (RRH) programs may be eligible for our new Landlord Incentive Program.

Front Door NY allows you to post your properties to a rental listing website exclusively used by PSH and RRH service providers. You can upload photos, documents, and videos of your rental units. Even better — we can list the unit and upload any images or documents on your behalf.

What is a qualifying unit?

Qualifying units are only those listed on Front Door NY, and they must be free of health and safety violations and the rent cannot exceed the current Fair Market Rents (FMR) as defined by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Landlords/property managers can only list units if they have registered as a user on the site. Registration is quick and easy! Click here to register.

Available incentives include:

  • Up to $3,000 in leasing bonuses
    • $1,000 for first property listed and rented through Front Door NY website
    • $500 for the four subsequent units listed and rented
  • Up to $3,500 warranty program for qualifying damages/lost rent caused by a tenant during tenancy
    • Damages include those that exceed the security deposit and are would not be considered normal wear and tear
  • Up to $650 in referral fees to any new landlord sign ups and existing landlords that refer a new landlord to the site
  • For more info on how to qualify for these incentives please contact our Housing Recruitment Specialist Josh Ramos at (585)333-9667 –

How do I request an incentive?

Landlords would complete and submit an Incentive Request Form along with the following documents:

  • W-9
  • Copy of the lease agreement
  • Confirmation from the service provider that the property was rented through Front Door NY to a tenant in their respective PSH or RRH program

If you are requesting incentives for damages:

  • A security deposit reconciliation will be required to document that the security deposit was fully exhausted on repairs.
  • Additionally, invoices for necessary repairs or receipts for repairs made will be required. For assistance with rent loss, a rent ledger will be required showing the outstanding balance owed.

What other benefits does this program provide?

  • Once a tenant is in housing, case managers check-in at least monthly to ensure their basic needs are being met, to coordinate any services that might be needed, and to help the tenant move towards financial independence
  • Any payments that you receive for security deposits or rental assistance will come directly to you from the service provider on behalf of the tenant
  • Front Door NY is a centralized way to get connected to assistance should you have questions or any concerns arise