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Landlord/Tenant Mediation

Are you a landlord and need help regarding a specific tenant situation with a person that you housed? Do you feel like no matter how hard you try to communicate with your tenant the situation is not getting resolved?

Or are you a Case Manager that has a client who was housed through Homeless Services and now has a problem with their landlord?

Mediation CAN HELP!

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a specific intervention that is designed to peacefully resolve conflicts at the earliest possible stage. This helps to avoid escalation and the potential of an eviction. Mediation will help both parties to communicate more effectively in a safe space with a neutral 3rd party. Mediation can help each party hear and be heard with the goal of coming to an agreement that both sides find acceptable.

How can we help?

The FrontdoorNY website, along with providers from community agencies and landlords have come together to create a Landlord/Tenant Mediation Program.  Our goal is to offer tenants, landlords and case managers an option where our trained professionals can help before a tenant is in jeopardy of losing his/her housing. Or when Landlord and/or support services believe it would be helpful to have a meeting with a tenant to discuss issues related to the retention of their housing.


  • When lease violations have occurred, and you can’t seem to communicate with your tenant.
  • When they have missed one or two months of rent and they are not responding or have not fulfilled promises they have made to make payments.
  • You have not been to court yet but may have started the eviction process with a 3 or 14-day pay or quit letter.
  • When you have had a recent change in income and need to work out a payment agreement with your landlord
  • When you have upset your landlord by violating your lease and don’t know how to talk to them.
  • Service Providers: When you have a client that has made a mistake and you want to keep them housed and enrolled in your program, but you aren’t sure how to start that conversation.

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